Introducing Dandi Self-ID

Team DandiOct 31st, 2023

A new set of features from Dandi, built to solve the global employee data collection problem.

Three closeups of Dandi Self-ID tool. The first shows campaign messaging with a survey intro and time estimate, the second shows a sample survey question, the third shows an overview of campaign questions.

Today we’re announcing Dandi Self-ID, a new way for businesses to collect, store, and analyze employee data. 

Self-identification (self-ID) campaigns are the best way of updating incomplete, out-of-date employee data sets. But most existing self-ID solutions only collect employee data. They cannot merge the results with other data sets. They cannot address global privacy or compliance needs. They cannot securely store the data. Businesses, in short, are left with a partial solution to a massive problem.

Enter Dandi Self-ID

Built from the ground up with input from our customers, Dandi Self-ID is designed to eliminate the barriers to successful employee data collection campaigns. Simple, secure, and globally compliant, Dandi Self-ID gives businesses the ability to make decisions based on more complete, accurate people data.

Heather Cummings image

With Dandi Self-ID, we’re gaining the ability to better know who our people are, and identify gaps across the employee lifecycle.

Heather CummingsGlobal Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Manager, Cornerstone OnDemand

End-to-end campaign management

Businesses typically rely on a number of different tools—survey platforms, employee engagement platforms, HRIS systems, spreadsheets—to complete a self-ID campaign. This creates needless complexity and serious security risk.

We designed Dandi Self-ID to streamline and centralize every aspect of the self-ID process, from campaign creation to data analysis, making it safer and easier to run campaigns. 

Creating a campaign

Customers can build campaigns from scratch, or start with one of Dandi’s campaign templates built by our in-house team. At launch, Dandi offers 7 campaign templates, with more on the way.

Example of different campaign templates available through Dandi Self-ID, including US EEO, US basic, US standard, Canada basic, UK basic, and UK extended.

At launch, Dandi Self-ID will include seven readymade campaign templates built by our in-house team.

The right audience, right away

Just like in advertising, a self-ID campaign should be targeted to ensure it reaches the right people. With Dandi Self-ID, choosing the right audience is easy.

Dandi enables the creation of dynamic audiences, which automatically refresh via your HRIS integration with Dandi. A few examples of possible dynamic audiences:

  • New hires last 30 days

  • Berlin employees 

  • Managers

Customers can also manually create custom campaign audiences, and can build static audiences by uploading a CSV file.

Flexible delivery

Campaigns can be set to run on a one-time or recurring basis. One-time campaigns are useful for capturing employee data at a specific moment in time. Recurring campaigns can be used with dynamic audiences to capture responses as employee populations change; for instance, a business might set up an always-on campaign that pushes every 30 days to new hires. 

Campaigns can be delivered to employees via email or a secure link. When delivering a campaign via email, customers can use Dandi to create custom messaging and schedule delivery.

For the secure link option, Dandi will create the link, which businesses can then distribute through the system of their choosing.

User-friendly questionnaires 

For employees, every Dandi Self-ID campaign appears as a quick, easy-to-use questionnaire.

Dandi questionnaires are responsively designed to work across mobile and desktop, and can be easily customized with your company’s logo and messaging. Each questionnaire also includes information about how employee data is being stored, and who can view it.

Sample Dandi Self-ID questionnaire an employee would see. The displayed question asks about gender identity. A menu on the right shows additional self-ID categories. The bottom right includes privacy information.

Dandi Self-ID questionnaires are easy to use, and responsive on mobile.

Secure, privacy-safe data storage

We’ve built powerful privacy and security features into every layer of Self-ID so that companies can get the insights they need while protecting sensitive employee information.

Protecting employee privacy

Employees are rightly concerned about disclosing sensitive information to employers. For many businesses, the default option, then, is to create campaigns in which all responses are anonymous. While full anonymity has its advantages, it also comes with significant downside: employers cannot match responses with other data in their systems.

Dandi Self-ID is engineered to offer a new path forward. We are launching with three different campaign privacy options:

  • Anonymous to all: No personally identifiable information (PII) is captured. Neither Dandi nor the employer can map responses back to employees. This option limits the analyses available after a campaign is completed.

  • Anonymous to employer: PII is captured, but is only readable by Dandi. This is our recommended option, as it allows responses to be mapped back to existing data in Dandi without the employer ever being exposed to employee PII.

  • Readable by employer: Both Dandi and the employer will be able to view PII

Example of three different privacy levels of a self-ID campaign: anonymous to all, anonymous to employer, and readable by all.

Choosing the right privacy settings for your campaign is as simple as the click of a button.

Choose your data storage location

Legal and regulatory compliance are often hurdles when it comes to the storage of employee data. With Dandi Self-ID, data collection, processing, and storage are regional, allowing businesses to seamlessly meet their compliance requirements.

When creating a Self-ID campaign, customers can choose from three different regions: US, EU, and UK.

Map depicts three different locales available for data collection, processing, and storage through Dandi Self-ID: US, UK, and EU.

With Dandi Self-ID, data collection, processing, and storage are regional, allowing businesses to seamlessly meet their compliance requirements.

Bridging the gap between answers and analysis

Businesses typically use separate systems for self-ID campaigns and people analytics, meaning that campaign data resides independently of other people data. This separation limits the range of analyses businesses can perform.

Heather Cummings image

Dandi Self-ID connects employee data collection to our overall data strategy. Now we can start to understand how diversity impacts us across the rest of the business.

Heather CummingsGlobal Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Manager, Cornerstone OnDemand

We take a different approach.

Once a campaign concludes, Dandi Self-ID processes the results and integrates them into your overall data set. These results can then be easily accessed and analyzed in the Explore tab, alongside data from all other HRIS sources.

Graph depicting compensation across three gender groups. Options on the lefthand menu include Dashboards, Explore, Goals, Timeline, and Datasets. Additional options include Filter and Breakdown.

Once a campaign concludes, Dandi Self-ID processes the results and integrates them into your overall data set.

Pricing and availability

Self-ID is available today as an add-on feature for all new and existing Dandi customers. 

Check out the Pricing page to learn more.

Dandi Self-ID: different by design

We won’t lie: we are enormously proud of Self-ID. It is a differentiated solution to a complex problem.

Table comparing features of Dandi Self-ID to existing survey tools, like Survey Monkey and Google Forms, and Engagement Platforms, like Culture Amp. Dandi Self-ID features include: seamless campaign creation & delivery, anonymously merge responses with your people data sets, choose your data storage location, dynamic audiences, static audiences

This is a huge release for us and there is much more work to be done. We look forward to sharing more in the months ahead.

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