Frequently asked questions


What kinds of companies use Dandi?

Any company that’s serious about advancing DEI. We work with everyone from fast-growing startups to publicly traded enterprises, across most industries.

What does Dandi measure?

We measure the following: 

  • Diversity: Representation, Hiring, Recruiting
  • Equity: Compensation, Promotions, Career mobility, Performance
  • Inclusion: Sentiment, Attrition, Retention, Learning penetration

We’re working to add more measures over time, and are happy to collaborate with customers in building out specific measures for their business.

Does Dandi enable intersectional measurement?

Yes, Dandi is intersectional by design. Customers can run intersectional analyses across any of the areas Dandi currently measures.

Who else does what Dandi does?

Law firms and consultancies have traditionally helped with some aspects of DEI, like gender pay gap analysis. But Dandi is the only company built to help businesses improve on all aspects of DEI.

Can we just build Dandi ourselves?

Most organizations find that they simply don't have the internal resources to build something like Dandi. Moreover, purchasing Dandi is often faster and more cost effective than building with an in-house analytics team.

Does Dandi offer benchmarking?

Getting started

How long does it take to get set up with Dandi?

Dandi onboarding typically takes less than 8 weeks. Some customers are up and running in as little as 2 weeks. 

The speed at which we can set up a new customer depends on a few variables: 

  • Customers getting the staffing needed to set up the technical integrations 
  • The cleanliness and completeness of your HR data
  • The number of teams/departments that will be using Dandi at launch

Once Dandi’s set up, what comes next?

Each company is different. The next best steps depend on your needs and goals. We’re happy to help co-create a strategy for using Dandi to drive your DEI initiatives.

Can you help us find a DEI practitioner?

Absolutely. Dandi's Marketplace Partners are trained DEI practitioners with proven track records.

Who uses Dandi at my company?

Dandi is for everyone at your company who wants to further your DEI efforts. Whether you're a DEI practitioner, HR/Talent executive, departmental head, or C-suite executive, board member, or leader of an employee resource group, Dandi has something to support your efforts.


How does Dandi aggregate my data?

Dandi gathers your data by integrating with all major HR systems via REST-based APIs. To see available integrations, click here. Don’t see your system? We might already support it, and if not, just ask us to add the integration.

Dandi also accommodates data imports via Excel CSV file.

If the data in our HR systems is incomplete, can we still use Dandi?

Yes. Dandi runs on incomplete data sets. During onboarding we will help you analyze your data completeness and we can advise afterwards on voluntary self-identification (VSI) campaigns to help strengthen your data sets.

Which data should we be collecting from employees?

At minimum, we suggest collecting data around gender, ethnicity and age. Beyond these, Dandi can accommodate the following fields from your HR systems:


Looking to include data fields you don’t see here? Just ask! We’re happy to add them.

Is our data secure with Dandi?

Protecting your data is a top priority for us. Visit our Security page to learn more.

Can we control user access levels on Dandi?

Yes, Dandi enables three levels of visibility, and offers granular controls for dashboards and reports.

Learn more about setting up user roles and permissions and enabling Single Sign-on (SSO).

How often does Dandi refresh our DEI data?

Dandi refreshes all of your DEI automatically each month. If you'd like to refresh your data more frequently, you can do so through your Admin page.

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