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Solving DEI's data problem

Only 15% of C-level roles are currently held by BIPOC individuals. And the pay gap between men and women won't close for another 50 years. These inequities don't just hurt employees and their families. They hurt business, too. Nearly 40% of workplace turnover is due to unfair bias, costing billions every year in lost productivity.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs can help. But for most of its history, DEI has been missing a key component: data.

Without it, companies have been unable to accurately diagnose problems, set benchmarks, or track progress. Imagine trying to optimize a website without Google Analytics. This is the challenge facing many DEI programs today.

Without data, DEI programs often fail. Nothing changes. People and businesses are left facing the same "unsolvable' problems year after year, while demands for racial, social, and financial justice only grow stronger.

Our mission:

Better business for all

We founded Dandi in 2018 to tackle DEI’s data problem head-on. Built by a team of HR, DEI, data and design veterans, Dandi is an analytics platform built to give businesses the tools and data they need to advance their DEI efforts. 

Our vision is a world where DEI moves to the center of every business’s people decisions. In order to make that vision a reality, we aim to solve core problems surrounding DEI data. 

Having the right data helps teams focus and allocate resources toward what matters most. Dandi delivers these metrics quickly and easily.

Carol Watson

Chief Inclusion Officer, BCW Global

The machine learning, arithmetic engines, and easy API integrations that power Dandi allow businesses to unlock millions of new insights.

We handle the behind-the-scenes math that enables intersectional measurement at scale. The mathematical expertise baked into Dandi doesn’t just unlock new measurement capabilities. It also provides businesses with an objective, third-party-verified methodology for everything they measure.

Prior to Dandi, DEI teams had few options for unlocking data-driven insights. They could hire an external consultancy to conduct a data-driven audit. Or they could build a solution in-house using off-the-shelf analytics software. Both options are expensive and time-consuming. By providing an affordable, always-on, purpose-built solution, we’re offering businesses an entirely new path to the data they need.

We view DEI as being, in part, a design problem. In order for data to travel across organizations, it needs to be supported by clear, compelling visualizations. Dandi, since its inception, has been built around a design system and product experience that makes it fast and easy for practitioners to get the visuals they need.

What's next: Doing more for DEI

We’ve built Dandi slowly and stealthily, working closely with academics, policymakers, and DEI experts to create a product that delivers true value and impact. 

Along the way we’ve begun working with a select number of businesses deeply committed to advancing DEI. Our customers include Fortune 500 businesses and fast-growing companies across most major industries. Already, we’re positively impacting the lives of more than 100,000 employees worldwide.

We’re proud to be backed by an outstanding group of investors who share our commitment to advancing DEI with data.

As we grow our company, we’re mindful of the fact that no business—not even our own—is exempt from the work of DEI. We’re working to build a company that puts DEI at the center of everything we do. And we’re looking for people who want to join us on the journey.

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