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Turn your people data into powerful DEI insights. Dandi makes it simple and secure to collect, analyze, and share people data—across your entire company.

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Break down the barriers to data-driven DEI

Seamless data collection and integrations

The safest, easiest way to collect and store employee data. Dandi combines seamless Self-ID campaigns with 30+ integrations with your HR systems and data lakes.

Intersectional measurement

We do the math. Dandi instantly unlocks millions of new insights across the employee lifecycle.

Automated reporting

Save hundreds of hours. Dandi streamlines reporting, giving your team the power to export dashboards with dozens of reports—in your brand colors—with a single click.


The safe space for your people data

People data is among the most sensitive information a company can possess. Dandi's powerful privacy and security protocols ensure that the right data is seen by the right people—and no one else.

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Founded in 2018 and launched in 2022, Dandi is already serving more than 500,000 employees worldwide

Dandi is, by far, one of our most valuable partners.

Dwight Phyall

Program Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Oscar Health

Dandi has forced us to challenge the status quo.

Ryan Lathrum

Global D&I Director


The team at Dandi recognizes that DEI is a movement, not a moment.

Carol Watson

Chief Inclusion Officer

BCW Global

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    About us

    DEI For the win

    Led by a team of data, design, and DEI experts, Dandi’s working to make DEI the engine that powers the world’s best workplaces.

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    Our CEO at the NYSE closing bell ceremony with our investor Springbank and its portfolio companies

    Dandi’s Cofounder Elise James DeCruise

    Dandi’s CEO and Cofounder Jeff Fernandez

    Reviewing designs of Dandi’s first product release in 2018 in our then-office

    Mallory and Ellen got Dandi-branded ear muffs from Courtney at Springbank

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    Frequently asked questions

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    Why use Dandi vs using our internal analytics platform?

    Dandi is fast to set up, doesn’t require analysts to use, makes sharing data and dashboards safe with enterprise-grade roles and permissions, and de-risks data collection and creation with data storage standards that accommodate global organizations

    What does Dandi measure?

    We measure the following: 

    • Diversity: Representation, Hiring, Recruiting
    • Equity: Compensation, Promotions, Career mobility, Performance
    • Inclusion: Sentiment, Attrition, Retention, Learning penetration

    We’re working to add more measures over time, and are happy to collaborate with customers in building out specific measures for their business.

    How long does it take to get set up on Dandi?

    Dandi onboarding typically takes less than 8 weeks. Some customers are up and running in as little as 2 weeks. 

    The speed at which we can set up a new customer depends on a few variables: 

    • Customers getting the staffing needed to set up the technical integrations 
    • The cleanliness and completeness of your HR data
    • The number of teams/departments that will be using Dandi at launch

    Who should use Dandi at my company?

    Dandi is for everyone at your company who wants to further your DEI efforts. Whether you're a DEI practitioner, HR/Talent executive, departmental head, or C-suite executive, board member, or leader of an employee resource group, Dandi has something to support your efforts.