Dandi is the analytics platform for advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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Dandi gives businesses the insights and support they need to advance their DEI efforts, faster and smarter than ever before. So today's DEI challenges can finally take their rightful place:

In the past.

Dandi turns your people data into more than 1 million new DEI insights, helping you target the right problems and build the right solutions.

Dandi makes pay equity possible

With sophisticated compensation analytics built right into the platform, Dandi helps you find the pay gaps at your company—and make them disappear.

Serious about making a difference? You’re in good company.

By far, one of our most valuable partners.

Dwight Phyall

Program Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Oscar Health

Advancing DEI, every step of the way

Whether your business is just starting its DEI initiatives or already has programs underway, Dandi has the flexibility to meet you where you are.


Your partners in transformation

Dandi’s Marketplace Partners are here to help you navigate the challenges you meet along the way.

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Because there’s only one place for today’s DEI challenges:

The past.