Dandi is priced to work for businesses of every size

We keep Dandi affordable so you can invest more in your people—and less in pricey software.

How our pricing works:

  • Our customers are billed annually. We charge $15 per employee, per year

  • There is also a one-time implementation fee, and a monthly data processing charge

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Better insights. Greater value.

Before Dandi, businesses had two main options for getting DEI insights—using existing software that wasn’t really built for the job, or building an analytics tool themselves. While the traditional approaches have their merits, each comes with significant tradeoffs. Dandi eliminates the limitations, so you can do far more for far less.

General HR software and add-ons

In-house analytics

Over 1 million DEI insights on day 1

Easy API integrations with all your data sources

Deep DEI subject-matter expertise

Full measurement of the employee lifecycle

Adjusted wage gap analysis

On-demand data refreshes. As often as you like

Lawful domestic & international data collection guidance


Minimal investment of time and staff

Power to analyze over 1 million unique data sets


Robust support and education

Weekly product updates

Not for DEI

In addition to being an affordable resource, Dandi is also flexible and truly understands the needs of their clients.

Lakuan Terry Smith

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager


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Because there’s only one place for today’s DEI challenges:

The past.