Powerful people insights, 3X faster

Team DandiJun 18th, 2024

With Dandi, the people team at Demandbase is streamlining mission-critical reporting.

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Industry: B2B software

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Employees: 700+

Key results

3X faster turnaround time for people analytics reports

70% reduction in ad hoc data requests

Customized executive reporting across 8 divisions

About Demandbase 

Demandbase is the leading AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM) platform that helps B2B companies hit their revenue goals using fewer resources. Over 1,000 companies worldwide use Demandbase to identify and engage the accounts and buying groups most likely to purchase. Their account-based technology unites sales and marketing teams around clear insights and facilitates quick actions across systems and channels to deliver big wins.

The challenge: Boost operational efficiency 

As a product-centric organization, Demandbase relies on a highly skilled and engaged workforce. Building and retaining a world-class team is a major focus across all of their divisions. Over time however, Demandbase had outgrown their legacy HR tech stack—to the point that it was impeding their ability to make data-driven decisions regarding their workforce.

For example, generating the crucial workforce reports that the executive team relied on had become an onerous, multi-step process: First, data had to be exported from the HRIS tool into a spreadsheet. The data was then manually cleaned, harmonized, and formatted by an external consultant before being uploaded into a Looker dashboard. This was a time-intensive procedure ripe with potential for human error. 

Demandbase’s People Operations team decided that a better solution was needed. They included “increased automation” in their objectives and key results (OKRs), and started the search for an HR technology partner who aligned with their own philosophy of building products that unite teams around actionable, easy-to-understand insights. 

For Demandbase, creating executive reports was a laborious, hands-on process.

Dandi unlocks dynamic reporting capabilities 

Choosing Dandi enabled Demandbase to seamlessly integrate all their data sources in a unified reporting platform. This automation of workflows eliminated not only the need to outsource various aspects of the process, it also replaced error-prone manual work with a robust and secure data pipeline. 

Dandi provides Demandbase’s people team with the agility they were looking for when it comes to producing workforce insights. Reports that previously took an entire quarter to produce are now shared on a monthly basis—a 3X increase in efficiency—and the system is set up for dynamic reporting that captures the pulse of the team as it evolves.

With Dandi, Demandbase generates critical people reports 3X faster than before.

Powerful features, built for the people team 

Prior to implementing Dandi, the people team at Demandbase spent a significant amount of time each week on questions around workforce data, including hiring pipeline, headcount, employee statistics, and more. Today, Dandi’s highly customizable reports mean the team is fielding 70% fewer ad-hoc data requests.

To further streamline access to relevant workforce data, the People Operations team at Demandbase also built custom dashboards for various stakeholders across the organization, who can now access insights on a self-serve basis. Here, two core features of Dandi come into play: Dandi’s intuitive design makes onboarding and usage of the platform easy and quick for team members from all departments. 

At the same time, Dandi’s built-in privacy and data protection features ensure that the team stays in full control of data access and user permissions.

Using Dandi resulted in a 70% reduction in ad hoc data requests.

Leading with data 

Having Dandi helps Demandbase break data silos and guide strategic people decisions. The granular intersectional measurement provided by Dandi makes it easy to analyze trends, set meaningful goals, and detect and act on outliers.

For example, when comparing the ratio of individual contributors to managers in various departments across different dimensions, the team spotted previously unknown inconsistencies. These findings led to an internal benchmarking initiative which informs future staffing decisions. 

Today, Demandbase’s executive leadership relies on insights provided by Dandi to set their teams’ growth strategy and mitigate churn. The people team is using Dandi to generate executive reports across all 8 company divisions.

With Dandi, Demandbase streamlined executive reporting across all 8 company divisions.

It shouldn't take a workforce to know your workforce. Learn how Dandi answers complex people questions, efficiently and accurately.