The new standard for DEI measurement

Dandi measures across all of your HR and people data, delivering millions of new insights. 

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Intersectional measurement, unlocked

Measure across race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, office location, job level, disability status, age, and more. Dandi delivers the back-end computing and deep subject-matter expertise to power intersectional measurement at scale.

Access unique DEI metrics

Dandi turns raw HR and people data into DEI metrics you won’t find anywhere else. Curious about how? We provide clear explanations of each metric in our support portal. For logged-in users, the “What’s the math?” feature explains how each metric is calculated.

With existing tools, it's nearly impossible to operationalize the concept of intersectionality. Dandi changes everything.

Lily Lamboy

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Blue Shield of California

Scaling DEI progress

What gets measured gets done. By improving business’s ability to measure DEI, our goal is to advance DEI faster, everywhere. As we continue to expand our measurement capabilities, we’re partnering with a diverse panel of academics and industry experts of academics and industry experts. We also partner with customers to develop new DEI metrics on a case-by-case basis.

It is imperative that DEI is measured with quantitative metrics. That is the language of business. What gets measured gets done!

Elisa Leary

Vice President, Head of Human Resources