Say hello to people analytics built for HR & DEI teams. Unlike traditional people analytics, HRIS, and BI tools, Dandi is designed for people teams to use every day.
The Dandi smiley, surrounded by headshots of six different people, with arrows pointing from each to the central logo.
Dandi's Executive Team Dashboard displays figures titled Headcount, Hires 2023, Attrition 2023, and Growth. Below is a vertical bar graph titled 2023 Hires by Department, a bar graph titled Pay equity by Ethnicity, and a bar graph titled Gender paygap.
A group of four people sit at a conference table. The person the immediate right of the screen is speaking and gesturing to the presentation, which includes a donut chart titled Gender Representation, with male at 57% and female at 43%.

Why Dandi's different






No analyst needed
Build-in visualizations
Automatic data refreshes
Built-in Self-id campaigns
Fast onboarding
Sample Dandi Self-ID questionnaire an employee would see. The displayed question asks about gender identity. A menu on the right shows additional self-ID categories. The bottom right includes privacy information.
View of a laptop screen over a person's shoulder. The screen reads Pay audit 2024 and displays a bar graph titled Pay equity by Ethnicity.

Seriously secure

Enterprise-grade roles & permissions controls and globally compliant data storage mean that your most sensitive information remains private and secure.

Sample permissions page for a marketing recruiting manager displaying features permissions, including dashboards and Explore, and analysis permissions, including recruiting metrics and gender and ethnicity segments. At the bottom is a checkbox to hide employee counts.
Text reads: Net Promoter Score across all Dandi customers. Calculated February 2024. NPS: 80.
Text reads: 12+. The MiQ logo is in the upper left corner.
Ryan LathrumGlobal D&I Director