Say hello to simple, secure, globally compliant employee data collection. Dandi Self-ID collects the data your HRIS can't.
Sample Dandi Self-ID questionnaire an employee would see. The displayed question asks about gender identity. A menu on the right shows additional self-ID categories. The bottom right includes privacy information.

Collect data without compromising privacy

With Dandi Self-ID, responses can be mapped back to existing employee data without employers being exposed to PII.

Three levels of data privacy

Six-image grid, each square a different color with a headshot of a different person.
Stylized illustration of a globe
Sample Dandi dashboard with filters for Departure and Gender applied and the bar graph icon selected. A lefthand menu displays options for Dashboards, Explore, Goals, Timeline, Collect, and Self-ID.

Different by design

Dandi Self-ID solves key problems with employee data collection.

Dandi Self-ID

Survey tools

Engagement Platforms

Seamless campaign creation & delivery
Anonymously merge responses with your people data sets
Choose your data storage location
Dynamic audiences
Static audiences
Copy reads 12 tips for Self-ID success. Booklets with a multi-colored cover.
Heather CummingsGlobal Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Manager