Dandi’s enterprise-grade security protocols enable you to safely collect, analyze, and share employee data.
Sample permissions page for a marketing recruiting manager displaying features permissions, including dashboards and Explore, and analysis permissions, including recruiting metrics and gender and ethnicity segments. At the bottom is a checkbox to hide employee counts.

Best-in-class data protection

Sample Dandi Self-ID questionnaire an employee would see. The displayed question asks about gender identity. A menu on the right shows additional self-ID categories. The bottom right includes privacy information.
The Dandi smiley, surrounded by headshots of six different people, with arrows pointing from each to the central logo.
AICPA SOC seal and a badge that reads: Monitored by Drata SOC 2.
Colorful bubbles with logos for Workday, iCIMS, HiBob, Namely, Oracle PeopleSoft, and UKG.
Illustration of padlock with person icon at center
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