Protecting your people data is our top priority.

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Enterprise-grade roles and permissions

Engineered to provide granular levels of access control to every part of our product, Dandi roles and permissions allow businesses to precisely manage who can view and analyze people data, across their organizations.

Best-in-class data protection

  • GDPR compliant

    No matter where your people are, their data is secure.

  • Full encryption

    All data is encrypted at rest and in transit

  • Anonymous data

    No personally identifiable information (PII) is displayed.

Secure Self-ID campaigns

Legal and regulatory compliance are often hurdles when it comes to the storage of employee data. With Dandi Self-ID, data collection, processing, and storage are regional, allowing businesses to seamlessly meet their compliance requirements.

Businesses can choose from three different regions: US, EU, and UK.

Seamless user authentication and administration

Dandi supports full integration with your identity provider (Google Workspace, Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure), enabling single sign-on (SSO) for seamless user authentication and automated user/group syncing.

SOC 2 attestation

Dandi has received a clean SOC 2 Type 1 attestation report. We are continuously monitored by Drata for SOC 2 compliance.

Dandi has been a model vendor when it comes to security, compliance, and privacy.”

Dwight Phyall

Program Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Oscar Health

Connect with confidence

Dandi integrates simply and securely through the API’s of most leading HR platforms including ADP, Bamboo, Greenhouse, Oracle, Taleo, and Workday.