Create reports that inspire action

With Dandi’s powerful reporting, it’s never been easier to deliver the right information to the right people.

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Track everything in 
real time

Set up data-rich Dandi dashboards for departments, employee resource groups, business functions, and more. Build your own dashboards for custom tracking, or use dashboard templates to get started faster.

Tell stronger stories with data

Whether you’re looking to demonstrate the ROI of your DEI program or create a corporate sustainability report for shareholders, Dandi puts the right insights in easy reach. Need help crafting your story? Dandi’s in-house DEI experts can help you build the right storytelling and data collection strategies.

Brand your experience

Dandi can be pre-configured with your company’s brand colors and logo, making it easy to create on-brand reports and data visualizations. Dandi dashboards automatically render in light or dark mode to match your brand.

Work better together

Features like tagging, comments, and annotations keep stakeholders connected to the most important data, building greater awareness and understanding across your organization.

Keep sensitive information secure

Roles and permissions give admins quick, seamless control over user access. 

Roles and permissions at a glance:

  • Three levels of general user access (admin, editor, viewer)
  • Admins can adjust the viewability of dashboards on a case-by-case basis
  • Enhanced protections are automatically deployed for 
employee-level data

Dandi gives me confidence that any HR team can take targeted actions towards achieving meaningful DEI goals.

Nathan Knight

Managing Director of People Development

Morning Consult