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Track and share trends, metrics, and more with Dandi reporting.

Dashboards: Track everything that matters

Keep your most important data front and center with Dandi dashboards.

  • Create custom dashboards to follow key trends, metrics, and initiatives

  • Set up dashboards faster with Dandi templates, based on the best dashboards we’ve seen on our platform

  • Export and share from your dashboards in a variety of formats

Report builder: Create custom visuals in seconds

Prepare beautiful, shareable graphs for presentations and updates.

  • Toggle time intervals and graph types so you can tell the right stories with your data

Roles and permissions: Keep sensitive information secure

Dandi gives you quick, seamless control over user access.

  • Three levels of general user access

  • Adjust dashboard visibility on a case-by-case basis

  • Enhanced protections for employee-level data

Dandi gives me confidence that any HR team can actually start taking targeted actions towards achieving meaningful DEI goals.

Nathan Knight

Director, People Development

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