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Dandi’s Marketplace Partners are here to help you navigate the challenges you meet along the way.

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Composed of leading DEI consultants and practitioners, Dandi’s Marketplace Partners are experts at leveraging data to advance DEI initiatives. Whether it’s helping make sense of your numbers, implementing new programs, or managing through organizational change, Dandi Partners can provide the extra know-how needed to make good things happen.

Dandi is a critical part of the DEI ecosystem. It supports the mission we are all — advancing equity, fairness, inclusion and engagement.

Dave Ciliberto

President & DEI Adjunct Instructor

Dave Ciliberto Enterprises, Inc & Cornell University ILR

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The Dandi DEI Advisory Board

Curious about working with a Dandi Marketplace Partner? We’re happy to make an introduction, even if you’re not a Dandi customer.

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A collective of leading thinkers and change-makers, Dandi’s DEI Advisory Board plays a critical role in shaping our platform.