Product roundup: UX and security improvements

Team DandiJan 24th, 2024

We're always working to make Dandi even better for HR & DEI teams. Here's a quick recap of the latest improvements.

Dandi's new horizontal bar charts. We see male and female representation across six different departments—sales, engineering, design, marketing, CS, finance. Males are represented by orange, females by yellow. The whole graph is set against a bright pink background.

New horizontal bar charts—one of several recent improvements to Dandi's visualizations.

We introduced tons of new features in 2023: tracking for recruiting bias, goal tracking, SOC 2 Type 1 monitoring, enterprise-grade roles and permissions controls, and Dandi Self-ID

To close out the year, we focused on UX and security updates across every part of the platform. Here’s a roundup of the biggest improvements:


Hover state

Users can now hover over visualizations to reveal metadata. 

This was a top feature request from customers. A hover state adds depth and flexibility without cluttering visualizations, making them more powerful tools for data-driven decision-making.

A closeup shot of a bar graph in Dandi. We see a cursor hovering over a yellow bar chart, revealing the numbers that make up the visual. In this case, we see that females account for 42% of a population, and total 2200 in number. Because the image is close cropped onto the bar graph to show the hover feature, we can't see more of the graph.

Hover over graphs in Dandi to see the data behind the visual.

Horizontal bar charts

We introduced horizontal bar charts as the newest pre-built visualization in Dandi.

Horizontal bar charts are excellent for comparing different groups or categories. This could mean comparing departments, teams, or demographic groups on metrics like employee satisfaction or turnover rates.

They also naturally lend themselves to ranking items like skills gaps, training needs, or employee engagement scores by department. They visually communicate priorities or areas of concern.

This is the same horizontal bar chart image we used for the header image. An image so nice, we used it twice!

Horizontal bar charts are excellent for comparing different groups or categories in Dandi.

Toggle y-axis 

Another frequent request from customers, users can now toggle between percentage and count on the y-axis of graphs. 

Toggling adds a useful layer of context when viewing data in Dandi. Depending on the analysis, either counts or percentages may be more relevant. For instance, when looking at employee turnover, absolute numbers (count) give a sense of scale, while percentages can be more useful for comparing across departments of different sizes.

Two bar charts showing data about rate of turnover among male, female, and non-binary employees. The first chart shows the numbers represented as a count, the second shows them represented as a percentage. Dandi users can now toggle easily between the two views. Both bar charts are set against a nice purple background.

Dandi users can now easily toggle between count and percentage in certain visualizations.

Metrics and reporting

Turnover rate (non-indexed)

Turnover rate can now be represented in Dandi without an indexed calculation.

Presenting the turnover rate in its basic form (like a simple percentage or raw number) makes the data straightforward and easy to understand for all stakeholders, regardless of their analytical background. This can be especially important in communications with non-technical audiences.

Two bar charts side by side showing turnover rate among male, female, and non-binary employees. Both charts show the respective non-indexed attrition rates among these three groups.

The new non-indexed attrition rate metric makes it easier for everyone to understand attrition.

Improved custom date range selector

We made it easier for users to select custom date ranges when creating reports.

Here we see a zoomed-in shot of the new date range selector in Dandi. It looks like a basic calendar interface and is very easy to use.

The new and improved custom date range selector.


SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation 

Last but certainly not least, as part of our ongoing commitment to best-in-class data security, Dandi successfully achieved its SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation. 

Our SOC 2 Type 2 focuses on the following trust principles: security, privacy, confidentiality, and availability. For a people analytics platform, which handles sensitive employee data, this accreditation assures that robust data security measures are in place to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Conducted by Sensiba LLP, a nationally recognized CPA firm registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, this attestation report affirms that Dandi’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the rigorous SOC 2 Trust Service Criteria.

To learn more, visit our Trust Center.

Against a bright yellow background, we see the bright blue AICPA/SOC seal and a grey badge that reads "Monitored by Drata SOC 2."

We continue to invest in data privacy and security.

More to come

We’re already hard at work on the first new releases of 2024. We look forward to sharing more soon.

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