Introducing enterprise-grade roles and permissions controls

Team DandiJun 21st, 2023

People data is among the most sensitive information a company can possess. Our new roles and permissions controls ensure that businesses can analyze their people data—safely and securely.

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People data can reveal powerful DEI insights. But many businesses today are limited in their ability to analyze people data because their existing softwares cannot adequately protect the information. 

Our new roles and permissions controls are designed to solve a core security challenge around people data—access—so businesses can learn more and do more for employees.

Engineered to provide granular levels of access control to every part of our product, roles and permissions allow businesses to precisely manage who can view and analyze people data, across their organizations.

Screenshot of Dandi's roles and permissions interface for a marketing recruiting manager, showing access controls for feature permissions and analysis permissions.

Engineered to meet the highest enterprise-grade privacy standards, roles and permissions gives businesses granular access control over every part of Dandi.

Powerful levels of control

Dandi now allows the centralized creation and management of user roles in Dandi. Each role can be assigned permissions around key product features, metrics, and data fields.

Since different people throughout a company have different needs to view and analyze people data, the configurations available through Dandi can be highly specific.

As an example, let’s imagine a 5,000-person company with offices in the United States, LATAM, and EMEA. With Dandi roles and permissions enabled, every full-time employee of the company could have access to a DEI overview dashboard that contains multiple reports. However, the reports and information visible in that dashboard would automatically change based on an employee's role assignment: 

  • Regional DEI leads would have permission to view reports and run analyses for their particular region

  • Global C-suite leaders would have access to reports at the corporate level

  • Operations analysts dedicated exclusively to DEI would have full access to all reports and all analyses, as they need this level of permission in order to do their jobs

  • Talent leads for the engineering department would have permission to only view recruiting and hiring reports for their department

In this way, roles and permissions allows everyone at the company to have a view of DEI, while ensuring that no one sees data they shouldn't.

Seamless role management

As part of this update, we’re also adding integrations with four popular identity providers:

  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Google
  • Microsoft Azure

By connecting to your identity provider, Dandi will automatically sync all your users and groups.

Once Dandi pulls in your groups, you can then assign Dandi roles to those groups as a whole. Dandi role assignments will automatically update as users are added or change groups within your identity provider.

Why roles and permissions matters

Data-driven DEI cannot move forward without appropriate security measures.

Today, people data often lives in spreadsheets and business intelligence tools, or general purpose people analytics platforms. None of these options offer robust roles and permissions controls, which means that—in order to protect the data—access is often limited to a select number of people.

In order for data to make an impact, it needs to be shared. But that doesn’t mean organizations should assume needless risk or violate employee trust.

We built our roles and permissions to address this balance between visibility and privacy. We want to ensure that the right data is seen by the right people—and no one else.

Going forward

No two companies will have the exact same setup for their roles and permissions. 

Current customers are working with our CS team to set up the appropriate roles and permissions for their organizations. Going forward, roles and permissions setup will be a central aspect of our onboarding process.

Roles and permissions is included across all Dandi pricing plans. View the Pricing page to learn more.

More to come

From our recent SOC 2 attestation to today's announcement, Dandi is committed to being the leader in people data privacy and security.

We’re hard at work building more features in this important area, and look forward to sharing more soon.

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