DEI isn’t just an “add-on” feature with Dandi. It’s at the very core of what we do.
Sample Dandi Self-ID questionnaire an employee would see. The displayed question asks about gender identity. A menu on the right shows additional self-ID categories. The bottom right includes privacy information.
Stylized illustration of a Venn diagram.

Get going in no time

Built-in dashboard templates and pre-built metrics let you and your team start getting answers from Dandi right away.

Six-image grid, each square a different color with a headshot of a different person.
Bar graph titled Promotion rate employees under 30, with categories for Marketing at 1x, Sales at 1.5x, Product at 1.3x, Legal at 0.5x, and Hr at 1x.
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Collaborate securely

With powerful roles and permissions controls, Dandi ensures that sensitive information always remains private and secure.

Sample permissions page for a marketing recruiting manager displaying features permissions, including dashboards and Explore, and analysis permissions, including recruiting metrics and gender and ethnicity segments. At the bottom is a checkbox to hide employee counts.
View of a laptop, the screen displaying a sample executive team dashboard, over the shoulders of two people sitting side by side at a table. The dashboard includes key figures, a horizontal gar graph, and a line graph.

DEI-friendly pricing

Every dollar counts with DEI, so we’ve priced Dandi to be an affordable choice for DEI teams of every size.

Dave CilibertoPresident & DEI Adjunct Instructor