For people teams

Dandi is built to get you the insights you need the moment you need them.

Designed for you

You don’t have to be an analyst to use Dandi. Our easy-to-use interface and built-in visualizations give you the tools to spot trends, lead change, and prove impact. (And if you’re an analyst, don’t worry—we’ve got new features coming for you, too.)

Illustration of padlock with person icon at center.
The Dandi smiley, surrounded by headshots of six different people, with arrows pointing from each to the central logo.

Collect missing employee data

Simple, secure, and globally compliant, Dandi Self-ID gives you a powerful set of tools to collect, store, and analyze employee data.

Sample Dandi Self-ID questionnaire an employee would see. The displayed question asks about gender identity. A menu on the right shows additional self-ID categories. The bottom right includes privacy information.
Line graph titled H1 goal - Female Hiring. The chart trends upward and is at 38% in mid-April, a 5% increase, with a goal of 44%. The chart spans January through May, with the new recruiting process in January.
View of a laptop, the screen displaying a sample executive team dashboard, over the shoulders of two people sitting side by side at a table. The dashboard includes key figures, a horizontal gar graph, and a line graph.
Three closeups of Dandi Self-ID tool. The first shows campaign messaging with a survey intro and time estimate, the second shows a sample survey question, the third shows an overview of campaign questions.
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Nathan KnightManaging Director of People Development