Measure pay from every angle

Deliver on the promise of pay equity with Dandi’s groundbreaking compensation analytics.

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Compensation is intersectional

To measure compensation accurately, you need to account for lots of variables: ethnicity, gender, job level, location, business unit, benefits, equity, bonuses, and more. Trouble is, most compensation modeling can’t handle the complexity, leading companies to come away with an incomplete picture.

That’s where Dandi’s different.

Our compensation analytics are intersectional by design, offering a complete, timely picture of pay whenever you need it. 

Run pay audits in minutes, not months

Run company-wide audits, or run them at the departmental level. Compare compensation across offices or WFH employees. Whatever you want, the tools are in your hands.

Find pay gaps.

Erase pay gaps.


Dandi comp analytics are customized to your company’s compensation model and philosophy, making it easier to address existing pay gaps, and develop strategies to avoid them in the future. You can also use Dandi to see how changes to pay strategy impact employee sentiment, performance, and more.

Dandi's compensation tool is a difference-maker. It prompted us to implement more equitable practices.

Ryan Lathrum

Global D&I Director