Pay audits

Unlock data-driven compensation insights and strategies with Dandi’s built-in comp analytics.
View of a laptop screen over a person's shoulder. The screen reads Pay audit 2024 and displays a bar graph titled Pay equity by Ethnicity.
Bar graph titled Gender Pay Equity by Location. For New York, male is plus 2.4% and female is minus 2.4%. For Chicago, male is plus 0.9% and female is minus 0.9%. For San Francisco, male is plus 1.3% and female is minus 1.3%.
Two status bars titled HRIS US and HRIS EU display percentage to completion and show that the date last updated for each is today.
Line illustrations of construction-related icons, including a crane, bulldozer, trowel, and a person in a hard hat.
Illustration of a magnifying glass with a dollar sign in the center of the lens.
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Ryan LathrumGlobal D&I Director