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Two donut charts. The first is titled 2024 and displays Female at 43% and Male at 57%. The second is titled Gender USA 2020 and displays Female at 48% and Male at 52%.
A group of four people sit at a conference table. The person the immediate right of the screen is speaking and gesturing to the presentation, which includes a donut chart titled Gender Representation, with male at 57% and female at 43%.

Coming soon: benchmark against Dandi data

We’re working on a benchmarking dataset comprised from our own aggregated, anonymized customer data.

Bar graph titled Pay equity by Ethnicity, displaying percentage for the categories of Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Two or more, and White.
Text reads: Case study, Oscar. The Dandi smiley logo is in the upper right.
Case study
Kerel CooperPresident of Advertising