Oscar Health: Publishing a first-ever annual DEI report

Team DandiOct 4th, 2022

For its inaugural Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging report, Oscar Health used Dandi to establish key benchmarks and set a new standard for company-wide transparency.

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Advancing with analytics

Oscar Health was formed in 2012 to address “systemic flaws in American healthcare.” Today, that same rigorous approach underscores Oscar’s commitment to DEI.

In 2020, Oscar took one of its most ambitious steps yet, publishing its first-ever Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) report. Written, according to CEO Mario Schlosser, with the goal of setting “a baseline for our company and fuel[ing] our commitment to being a more diverse and inclusive employer and health care company,” Oscar’s DIB report was powered by Dandi’s rich insights. 

Endless insights, instantly available 

Oscar’s report was notable for both its depth and breadth. Using Dandi’s intersectional measurement, Oscar was able to criss-cross information across department, job level, gender, and ethnicity, providing employees with a much clearer picture of where the company stands today

Dwight Phyall image

“Dandi gave us the fuel to tell a much bigger story about DEI at Oscar.”

Dwight PhyallProgram Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging , Oscar Health

Visuals in a snap

Rich with informative data visualizations, Oscar’s report paints an immersive picture of the company’s DIB journey. 

Creating each visual from scratch would’ve been a monumental task. But Dandi’s built-in data studio greatly streamlined the process. “We were able to quickly generate and export any visual we needed,” says Dwight Phyall. “Rather than worrying about having the right visuals, we were able to focus on crafting a richer narrative.”

A continuing story

Setting and communicating benchmarks is an important step in every company’s DEI journey. Doing so makes it easier for everyone to track progress and be held accountable for key goals. As Oscar moves forward, Dandi will continue to play an important role. 

“We’re becoming increasingly data-driven when it comes to DEI,” says Dwight Phyall. “We love that Dandi has the power to grow with us.”