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Dandi's sophisticated compensation analytics help you find the pay gaps at your company—and make them disappear.

The right way to track compensation

Equal pay for equal work—it sounds simple, but actually making it happen is a real challenge. That’s because many of today’s compensation platforms and models lack the speed or nuance needed to deliver the right insights.

That’s where Dandi’s different. Informed by leading academic research and industry best practices, our compensation analytics offer a complete view of how your people are paid.









In just a few clicks, you can see how factors like age, gender identity, LGBTQIA+ status, and marital status influence compensation at your company. Dandi also looks beyond salary to incorporate other forms of pay, like bonus and equity.

Get comp reports in minutes, not months

Before Dandi, generating a new compensation report was often a long, drawn-out process. That meant the information was already outdated by time it was published.

Dandi helps you track pay with far greater speed and precision. With unlimited, on-demand access to your compensation insights, you can run continual analyses to better understand trends, track progress on initiatives, and create better future forecasts.

Dandi's compensation tool is a difference-maker. It prompted us to implement more equitable practices going forward.

Ryan Lathrum

Global D&I Director


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