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From HR to the C-suite, Dandi's designed to help people throughout your business do more every day.


CEOs, boards, and other top-level executives are increasingly being challenged to drive real action on DEI. By providing on-demand access to rich DEI insights, Dandi helps leaders build greater awareness, accountability, and alignment throughout their organizations.

HR + Talent

As the teams responsible for building their company’s workforce and culture, HR and talent are often on the front lines of DEI efforts. By providing over 1 million new insights into every aspect of the talent management cycle, Dandi makes it easier to see what’s working and improve what isn’t.


Equal pay for equal work. It sounds simple, but compensation teams know that it’s a tricky thing to get right. With sophisticated wage gap analysis built right in, Dandi makes it easier to find and address pay discrepancies.


Often one of the most in-demand teams in a business, it can be hard for analytics teams to give DEI the attention it deserves. But with Dandi added to the mix, analytics teams don’t have to choose between working on DEI and other business problems.

We're using Dandi to increase our department's agility, making it easier to identify market trends and take advantage of resource opportunities.

Dwight Phyall

Program Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Oscar Health

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