The new standard for DEI measurement

Dandi handles the behind-the-scenes math of DEI measurement, unlocking insights in nearly a dozen key areas.








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The measurement capabilities you’ve been missing

To measure something, you first need a unit of measurement. You measure distance in feet. Volume in ounces. Wealth in dollars.

Now, say you want to measure bias in your recruiting process. Do you have a reliable, accurate measure for bias? What about pay equity? The truth is, most companies haven’t established these definitions. And it’s held back their DEI efforts.

Dandi solves this foundational problem by defining the metrics for everything you want to measure. The Dandi metrics enable you to find greater meaning in your HR data and take smarter, insight-driven actions.

The Dandi method for measuring DEI is critical for tracking progress and success.

Dave Ciliberto

President & DEI Adjunct Instructor

Dave Ciliberto Enterprises, Inc & Cornell University ILR

How our metrics work

In their most basic form, the Dandi metrics are formulas—the mathematical backbone of our platform. When you integrate your HR systems with Dandi, your data runs through these formulas to produce a new set of searchable, shareable DEI insights—over 1 million in total.

We provide clear explanations of each metric in our support portal. For logged-in users, the “What’s the math?” feature covers how we calculate each metric.

Speed meets scale

Backed by advanced machine learning, Dandi measurement can handle everything from the smallest CSV to the most massive data set.

Monthly automatic data refreshes ensure that you always have access to the most current insights; on-demand data refreshes are available anytime.

I've been working with Dandi for over a year now, and I've been consistently blown away by every aspect of their approach.

Lily Lamboy

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Blue Shield of California

A continuing effort

We’re working to build new metrics over time. As we do so, we’re partnering with a diverse panel of academics, industry experts, and regulatory bodies. We also partner with customers to develop new measurement capabilities based on their specific needs.

Meet the people behind Dandi’s definitions:

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