Dandi works with you every step of the way

Whether your business is just starting its DEI journey or already has programs underway, Dandi has the flexibility to meet you where you are.

01. Getting Started

The moment

For many businesses, the beginning of their DEI journey can be an exciting and vulnerable moment. There is the excitement of knowing that the company has committed to doing more for its people. But this is often mixed with the anxiety of knowing that this may be, at times, an uncertain and uncomfortable process.

The challenge

Many businesses begin their DEI journey by taking some kind of action—perhaps hosting a diversity training or unconscious bias seminar. While this work can be invaluable, people are often left with a lingering question: Where do we go from here?

The opportunity: Adopt a data-driven approach

Adding data to your DEI efforts brings greater structure and accountability to the entire process. Data can provide greater clarity around issues that need addressing, and greater insight into the programs that actually work.

How Dandi can help

Dandi’s designed to meet your need for DEI data. On day 1 with the platform, you’ll have over 1 million new people insights at your disposal.

Dandi encapsulates all aspects of the DEI equation.

Elisa Leary

Vice President, Head of Human Resources


02. Unpacking the data

The moment

With a wealth of new data at hand, you can start getting to the bottom of some really big questions. Why are things the way they are at your company? Why do some people have far better experiences than others? Where are the biggest opportunities for improvement?

The challange

Looking at all the numbers for the first time can often be overwhelming. There may be a sense that this is simply too much for the team to process, or that there are more problems than you can actually address.

The opportunity: Make a plan

Even if it’s uncomfortable, looking at the data is an important step forward. From this point, you can begin forming strategies to address your company’s specific needs.

How Dandi can help

Dandi lets you explore your DEI data like never before. And as you glean new insights, you’ll begin to formulate more strategic plans.

Partners in transformation

Dandi’s Marketplace Partners are here to help you navigate the challenges you meet along the way.

03. Taking action

The moment

Things are getting exciting. You’ve digested the data and formulated some new strategies. Now it’s time to put your plans into action.

The challange

Getting buy-in. For DEI initiatives to succeed, it’s crucial that there be alignment throughout the business.

The opportunity: Show people the numbers

As the old saying goes, “Data wins arguments.” Presenting key insights to stakeholders helps bolster the case for taking action.

How Dandi can help

Dandi’s built with communication in mind. We make it easy to share graphs and reports so the right people are seeing the right information.

04. Sustaining Progress

The moment

Now that you have programs underway, you’re testing, learning, and constantly improving. As you continue to evolve, you adopt increasingly targeted strategies to address key pain points.

The challange

The work of DEI is never done. As your DEI efforts proceed, it’s essential to build momentum, identify new challenges, and maintain buy-in from key stakeholders.

The opportunity: Transform your business

Organizations that commit to DEI outpace their competitors on recruitment, retention, sentiment, and profit. These powerful shifts can alter the trajectory of a business, and change the lives of employees and their families.

How Dandi can help

Dandi is designed to naturally evolve with your business. On-demand data refreshes make it easy to track the performance of existing initiatives and identify new areas of opportunity.

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