Gain deeper insights across the employee lifecycle

From recruiting to attrition, Dandi uncovers the stories hiding in your HR data.

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Identify bias in your recruiting process

Do you have a pipeline problem, or a bias problem? Learn which candidates aren’t advancing, and why.

Find and eliminate pay gaps

Are you delivering equal pay for equal work? Compare comp across roles, levels, departments, offices, and more.

Break every glass ceiling

How diverse is your company’s leadership? See how factors like gender and race affect advancement. 

Learn what’s driving attrition

What role do factors like race and gender play in employee loss? See if certain departments are losing diversity at greater levels.

The Dandi method for measuring DEI is critical for tracking progress and success across the employee lifecycle.

Dave Ciliberto

President & DEI Adjunct Instructor

Dave Ciliberto Enterprises, Inc & Cornell University ILR