The next step in your DEI journey

Whether your business is just starting its DEI initiatives or already has programs underway, Dandi helps you go further.

Explore the DEI Journey:

Getting started

Becoming data-driven

Finding new challenges

01. Getting Started

The moment
Launching a DEI program can be an exciting and vulnerable moment. There is the excitement of knowing that your company has committed to doing more for its people. But this is often mixed with the anxiety of knowing that this may be, at times, an uncomfortable process. 

The challenge
Many businesses launch their DEI programs by hosting events like a diversity training or unconscious bias seminar. While this work can be invaluable, employees are often left wondering what comes next.

The opportunity: Start small
Rather than trying to do everything, aim for a single win. German web platform Jimdo kicked off its DEI by focusing entirely on compensation data.

Dandi encapsulates all aspects of the DEI equation.

Elisa Leary

Vice President, Head of Human Resources


02. Becoming data-driven

The moment
You’ve already launched DEI programs. Now you’re looking to take things to the next level with data.

The challenge
Looking at all the numbers for the first time can often be overwhelming. There may be a sense that this is simply too much for the team to take on. 

The opportunity: Set benchmarks
Benchmarks help frame future conversations. They tell people where you are today, and give context to the progress you’ll make in the future. With its inaugural Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging report, Oscar Health used Dandi to establish key benchmarks and set a new standard for company-wide transparency.

Partners in transformation

Dandi’s Marketplace Partners are here to help you navigate the challenges you meet along the way.

03. Finding new challenges

The moment
You’re testing, learning, and constantly improving. As you continue to evolve, you adopt increasingly targeted strategies to address key pain points. 

The challenge
The work of DEI is never done. As your DEI efforts proceed, it’s essential to build momentum, identify new challenges, and maintain buy-in from key stakeholders.

The opportunity: Measure more 
Programmatic media agency MiQ worked with Dandi to implement a cutting-edge data collection and reporting strategy, greatly expanding the company’s view of employee experiences.