See what your HR data's been trying to tell you

Get answers to every DEI question with Dandi’s searchable, shareable insights.

Explore: Go deeper with your data

Investigate DEI issues across the business with Dandi’s custom report builder.

  • Start with a question (for example, “Why are women leaving our company at a faster rate than men?”) and find the real answers

  • Or take an open-ended journey through the data to gain new insights

  • Add new findings to existing dashboards, or export them as reports

Intersectionality: Complex measurement made easy

Dandi measurement is intersectional by design.

  • Unlock new insights across any imaginable intersection

  • Get your insights instantly—Dandi pre-processes all your data, so insights are always available

  • On-demand data refreshes are available anytime

Collaboration: Work better together

Make good things happen faster with Dandi's collaboration tools.

  • Use comments and assignments to make sure the right people see the right information

  • Share dashboards to keep stakeholders informed

  • Export beautiful visualizations for your next report or presentation

With existing tools, it's nearly impossible to operationalize the concept of intersectionality. Dandi changes everything by allowing companies to see how these intersections affect the employee journey.

Lily Lamboy

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Blue Shield of California

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